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What To Include In A Summer Energy Savings Plan

Summer months are associated with heat and humidity. You will want to be comfortable inside your home, so you turn up the air conditioning. This consumes a great deal of electricity and raises utility bills. It may be smart to begin a summer energy savings plan to make your home run more efficiently. Here are some items to consider.

Run Fewer Appliances

Household appliances require a large amount of electricity to run. Running fewer appliances will certainly add up to energy savings. For example, you may start hanging wet clothes out on a laundry line. This will take the place of the energy needed to run the dryer. The smell of fresh towels, sheets, and clothes will be an added bonus.

It is also possible to replace the oven with your outdoor grill. Summer is a wonderful time to cookout on the barbecue. Besides meat, it is possible to prepare vegetables as well. When using the grill, it is not necessary to run the oven and raise the entire inside temperature. Besides saving energy on heating the oven, it will also save on air conditioning used to cool the house.


The roof is a place that allows hot air to enter during the sunny summer months. In warm climates, it may be wise to apply a reflective coating to your home’s roof. This will not allow the warmth of the sun’s UV rays to become absorbed, so heat will decrease in the home, and the strain on your air conditioner will be lowered. Also, you may wish to replace your old existing roof with Energy Star materials. This will save energy and protect the environment at the same time.

Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is one of the most energy demanding appliances in the house. To continue an HVAC energy savings home energy savings plan, there are a few ways to keep cool without wasting energy and money. For example, there are new energy efficient HVAC system replacements that use up to 50 percent less energy than older units. A professional HVAC company will be able to recommend the best unit and properly install it in your home.

The above tips should help you develop a solid summer energy savings plan. It is important to learn various ways to conserve electricity, save money, and help the environment. Contact your local HVAC service team for more information concerning more efficient systems and other ways to save energy.