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The Importance Of Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is a process where leaks are sealed in air ducts in order to optimize efficiency, reduce air leakage and prevent and control the entry of pollutants, insects and rodents into your home. Air duct leakage and air pressure can lead to a loss of energy in your HVAC system.

There are certain signs of leaky air ducts such as: rooms or other areas that are difficult to cool or heat, utility bills above average and having a duct location in an attached garage, attic or unheated basement.

Most of us seldom think about duct work because there is no noise and it can’t be seen. However, if air ducts need attention and don’t receive it the air ducts can suffer from holes, cracks and broken seals. A professional duct sealing can keep your ducts healthy.

Other signs that you may need duct sealing are whistling sounds in the air ducts, extra and unexpected humidity and signs of mold and mildew. It is important to note that there are several duct sealing benefits such as making your home more energy efficient, comfortable and safe. Another benefit is enjoying an improvement in air quality. Air quality is improved by reducing the risk of pollutants and insects from entering the ducts and making their way into your home.

Keep in mind, leaky duct work in your heating and cooling system can cause backdrafting. When this happens, gases are drawn back into the living area, instead of pushed outside. Sealing leaks can lessen this risk. Most importantly, duct sealing can also protect the environment. To be clear, the less energy that we homeowners use, the less air pollution we put out.

To conclude, with the many benefits that come from duct sealing; it just makes sense to have this work done. Because this job can be hazardous to your health, it takes a professional who has the experience, background and training to get the job done right and in a timely manner. Call us for all your air conditioning and heating system needs. We will take care of your heating and air conditioning concerns and do it efficiently; keeping the health of you and your family as high priorities.