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5 Home Cooling Myths

With summer temperatures set to hit new highs, many people want to know how to reduce their utility bills. Do not rush into changing anything around your home though. Take heed of these air conditioning fallacies, before you do anything drastic:

Fallacy: Buying a Larger air Conditioner Produces Superior Results

Your present air conditioner may be struggling to cool your house, which causes you to visit the shop for a new, larger system. However, before spending your hard earned cash, you should try cleaning your air conditioner, because this might remedy the problem. Alternatively, if the problem persists, you could get your unit serviced.

Fallacy: Rooms can be Cooled With Fans

Fans do not cool rooms down, they make the people in them feel cooler. The temperature of your body will fall, when a fan moves air across your skin. However, this does not get rid of the warmth inside the room. Therefore, leaving the fan running while you are out of the room is a waste of energy.

Fallacy: Speed up Cooling by Turning Down the Temperature

Central air conditioning units are manufactured to function at a reasonably consistent pace, then switch off after your property reaches the preferred temperature. Therefore, turning down the temperature will not speed up cooling, it simply means that you may wind up with a freezing property, if you neglect to change the thermostat setting after you reach a desirable temperature. This wastes energy and cash.

Fallacy: Air conditioners Only Serve to Keep the air Cool

As well as keeping the air cool, air conditioners lower humidity too. These systems have drying functions that can reduce humidity. This function is energy efficient.

Fallacy: Raising and lowering the Temperature is less Efficient than Leaving it on Throughout the day

Finally, you can save cash on your utility bills over the summer and winter months with a programmable thermostat. When you are away from home, you should set the thermostat to alter the temperature in your property. This way, you will significantly reduce your energy usage. Call us for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.