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Choosing The Right Sized Air Conditioner

When it comes to choosing the right sized air conditioner, there are some very important considerations to be made. Size is really very important. Choosing something too small will force the unit to constantly struggle to keep up. Choosing something too big will bring you a unit that will cool the room before it removes the humidity from it. This is why we suggest you take the time to get the information and guidance you need before making any final decisions. In the long run, you will be glad you did! Let us give you some thoughts to ponder.

If you are seeking an air conditioner for an office or a regular size bedroom, your main concern should be that the smaller unit needed for this area, say 100-300 square feet or so, be efficient but also as quiet as possible. In the case of a playroom or master bedroom, you will be moving up to a mid-sized unit to cover the 250-400 square feet or so. For the family rooms and living rooms ranging from 400-700 square feet, you will be looking at a larger unit. One of the considerations to keep in mind as a guide should be that you estimate for each square foot involved approximately 20 BTUs. This is a good starting point, and then you should be aware of and compensate for high ceilings, large windows, and the number and size of doorways in a room. Other considerations to keep in mind are things such as if the room is extra sunny, increase your estimate by 10% or so. Conversely, if the room is heavily shaded, you might decrease by 10% or so. In a kitchen, you are going to want to substantially increase your BTU capacity, depending on size by perhaps as much as 3000-4000 BTUs. Another critical factor is that when the unit is installed, it be dome properly. It must be well balanced for proper drainage, and if a larger unit connected to a dedicated outlet.

The bottom line is that taking a bit of time to get the job done right will have long-term positive effects. We are standing by to offer any help we can, and we ask you to follow our blog for additional heating/cooling tips on keeping your home well maintained and energy efficient.