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Reduce Home Heating Costs This Winter

With winter around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about heating. Energy prices are constantly on the rise, leaving many to reconsider their options. Based on national averages, the least expensive option is natural gas, with electricity being the costliest. Older heating systems are likely to be less efficient than modern equipment, making it a viable reason to upgrade. Switching to a different fuel source may cost more at the point of purchase, but can pay for itself within 10 years, when considering the savings that come with choosing a cheaper and more effective type of energy.

Geothermal heat pumps are excellent option, which will also take up to ten years to repay, after considering the 30% federal tax credit issued to homeowners. Such a system will use the temperature of the earth to heat and cool the home to reduce home heating costs.

A homeowner can improve the efficiency of the current system and still benefit from some energy savings. We recommend sealing the ducts. Up to 40% of conditioned air can seep through leaky ducts! This isn’t a DIY job, so it requires hiring a professional, as newer techniques, known as Aerosealing, are used today. The costs will be offset by the hundreds of dollars of savings to be enjoyed year after year, once sealing is completed. This technology blows tiny sealant particles into the ducts, allowing them to bond completely over leaks. It’s not an inexpensive undertaking, but the savings could be as high as $850 each year following the application.

Be sure to take care of drafts by doing a simple incense stick test. With all the exhaust fans on, simply hold the stick close to doors, windows, and even electrical outlets. Use weatherstripping, caulking, or other such solutions to plug these leaks and cut down on energy consumption.

Service the heating system every year by a qualified and certified contractor. For homeowners with forced air systems, ensure filters are frequently changed throughout the season. If registers are blocked with furniture pieces, the interference can drastically affect the temperature in the given room.

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