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All About Bryant Housewise Thermostats

The Bryant Housewise thermostat puts you in total control of your indoor environment. With its Wi-Fi capabilities, slick touchscreen and sophisticated features, the Housewise thermostat is leading the way in the smart thermostat revolution.

The Housewise thermostat has a slim, four-inch screen with a smart phone-like interface that is very intuitive and easy to use. The wall-mounted device has a slick and modern appearance, with a black face, rounded silver edges and brightly-colored screen.

A Thermostat That’s Always at Your Fingertips

The Bryant Housewise is accessible from anywhere through your smart phone or mobile device. Whether you’re in the next room or another country, you can monitor and control your temperature and humidity settings quickly and easily.

The ability to remotely control your thermostat helps you to maximize your energy savings without sacrificing comfort. For example, you could use the Housewise app to turn your heat on five minutes before you return from a winter vacation, so that you can save energy while you are gone without having to return to an ice-cold house. With this level of control, maximum comfort can go hand in hand with maximum energy efficiency.

Smart Thermostats Make Smart Adjustment

While the Housewise gives you unprecedented control over your energy settings, this smart thermostat can also make smart adjustments on its own. Using input including your own temperature preferences, your home’s heating and cooling trends, and extended weather forecasts, the Housewise can adjust your settings to conserve energy while maximizing the comfort of your indoor environment.

To help you increase your energy efficiency even further, the Houswise provides real-time energy monitoring, monthly energy use reports and month-to-month energy comparisons. This information can give you insight into your peak energy use periods and help you to make additional adjustments to make sure you are heating and cooling your home as efficiently as possible. Smart use of the Housewise thermostat can translate into energy savings as high as 20 percent.

Fire and Ice Can Make Your Home Housewise

The Bryant Housewise is a professionally-installed device, available from your trusted source of Bryant products. Fire and Ice HVAC, Inc. is proud to be an authorized Bryant dealer, and we can install your new thermostat quickly and professionally.

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