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What’s Events Are In Northern Virginia This 4th Of July

Celebrate at the National Archives

This is where the Declaration of Independence is on display at. What better way to celebrate the birth of American than by doing so at the place where the birth of America is on display? Afterwards, head over to one of the nearby parks to catch the fireworks.

National Archives

Official National Independence Day Parade

Head on down to Constitution Avenue to catch the national parade. Expect quite a show and VIPs as this is the official parade of America. The parade starts at 11:45 and takes place between 7th and 17th Streets on Constitution Avenue.

Official National Independence Day Parade

A Capitol 4th

Find a seat on the West Lawn of the US Capitol and experience A Capitol Fourth. The concert is known for it’s number of musical acts and performance of the 1812 Overture during the Grand Finale of the fireworks launched from over the Capitol Mall. Gates open at 3 pm, though you’ll want to arrive early.

A Capitol 4th

Fireworks with a Gourmet Meal by the River

The riverfront is home to several excellent restaurants with tables that provide a commanding view of the harbor, and the fireworks show. You’ll want to make reservations early because tables are sure to fill up.

Fireworks with a Gourmet Meal

Cool Off at Georgetown Waterfront Park

The park, which is operated by the National Park Service, features a large number of water features, and shady labyrinths to beat the heat with. After a day of splashing and keeping cool, grab a spot on the stadium-style steps for excellent views of the fireworks that are hard to beat.

Party All Night at the National Air & Space Museum

This weekend the National Air & Space Museum is reopening its permanent exhibit, Boeing Milestones of Flight. On Friday evening, the museum will remain open from 8 pm to 8 am, giving you an opportunity to experience the museum that’s not likely to happen again.

Party All Night

Ring in the 4th of July at Mt. Vernon

Celebrate this Independence Day at the historic home of George Washington. Listen to Revolution War-era music and enjoy colonial-style ice cream. Then stick around for a special daytime fireworks show.

Ring in the 4th

Whatever your plans are this weekend, please be safe and enjoy the memories you have with your family. Happy Birthday America!

Hybrid Heating Systems: What are they?

When designing a home heating system there are several options to chose from for providing that heat. There is the heat pump, furnace, boiler, solar, or even geothermal. But depending on where you live, both for availability to operate those systems efficiently, and for the climate, will have an effect on what system or systems you should choose.

One of the newest ways to heat your home is through a hybrid system. A hybrid heating system combines the high-power heating of a furnace with the efficient operation of a heat pump.


The furnace is a heating appliance that uses natural gas or propane to heat air that is blown throughout the home via a fan within the furnace. Gas furnaces are fairly inexpensive to purchase and install but are prone to fluctuating costs of operation due to the nature of the markets for the fuel that powers it. They provide powerful heating even when the outside air temperature is very low.

Heat Pump

The heat pump is the machine that people often think of then they hear the term “AC unit”. When the refrigerant flows in one direction it provides cooling to the home. Through the use of a reversing valve, the refrigerant will flow the other way through the system and provide heating for the home. The heat pump offers efficient heating for the home and will offer four to five times the efficiency over an electric-only heating system. However they do not function well when the outside air temperature is forty degrees or less.

Hybrid Heating Systems

The hybrid heating system combines both the furnace and the heat pump for efficient heating across a wide variety of conditions. When the outside temperature is very low the furnace can take over heating duties and warm even the coldest of winter air. In milder weather the heat pump can provide the heating needed without blasting high temperature air through the ductwork causing uncomfortable, rapid fluctuations in temperature.

Properly setup, the hybrid system can pay for itself through saving on natural gas or propane within a timeframe of about three to five years.

Not every home will benefit from a hybrid system however. Each home has unique needs depending on its layout, available utilities, and climate it is located in. If you would like to find out what system is best for you, call us today and one of our trained professionals at Fire & Ice HVAC would be glad to assist you!