3 Easy Ways to Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning and Heating

During the winter, many homeowners have their heating system running non-stop. With this season’s frigid weather, homeowners will need to come up with ways to use their heating units more efficiently to reduce utility bills. Taking steps to use your HVAC system more efficiently allows you to reduce overall energy consumption without sacrificing your home comfort. Below are just a few easy ways you can achieve better all-around efficiency with your heating system.

Energy Efficient Heating

Leave the Thermostat Setting Alone

Homeowners can sometimes fall victim to the idea that they need to increase the thermostat setting for them to feel the heating system’s effects sooner. This will only serve to ramp up your energy consumption without actually heating your home any quicker. Heating systems will warm up your home at the same rate, no matter where you put the thermostat settings, so be patient when adjusting your thermostat to a warmer temperature.

Maximize Your Radiators

Air conditioning and heating technicians can sometimes bleed your radiators to increase heating efficiency in your system. This process involves the release of trapped air at the top of the radiator. This  results in hot water filling the entire radiator as opposed to just the bottom part.

Service contractors can determine if your radiator needs bleeding or not during your annual heating system inspection. For one, if there is a significant difference in the temperatures on the top and the bottom part of the radiator, they may prescribe bleeding. In addition, they may also use radiator reflectors to maximize the heat generated by your radiators. Installers will simply fit them behind your existing radiators to reflect heat back into the room, ensuring no heat wastage via the external wall.

An alternative to maximizing your radiator’s capabilities are radfans. They’re small units that sit atop radiators and blow warm air around rooms. With small, built-in fans that spin to action when the air around them gets warm, they can boost your radiator’s performance better than merely letting warm air diffuse naturally.

Flush Your Central Heating System

Central heating systems can gather a good amount of sludge after years of operation. Thankfully, you can get rid of all that gunk with a good power flush that can restore your system’s functionality and peak performance levels. By restoring full circulation, a power flush procedure will allow warm water to travel through your pipework without any obstructions. Radiators will then warm up quicker. Additionally, you won’t have the trouble of cold spots any longer. Power flushing is a good way to increase heat for less.

There are different ways to achieve better efficiency in heating systems, each with its unique approach to heating. You just need to determine which best fits your home’s maintenance plan. Consult your HVAC service experts and explore all possible options to make the most of your heating system.

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