Is NATE Certified Important When Choosing A HVAC Technician?

Have you ever wondered, what does NATE certified mean? This is an important question, especially for homeowners who want to make sure that they are getting the very best heating and cooling technician in the business. NATE certified technicians have taken measures to maximize their training by undertaking exams that will provide them with NATE certification. Technicians who are NATE certified bring more to the customer because of their advanced training and knowledge.

What is NATE Certification?

NATE certification is achieved by passing two different tests. The first test covers the basics of heating and air conditioning, such as tools, safety, heat transfer and other areas necessary for exceptional HVAC service. However, in addition to taking this core examination, NATE certified technicians must also pass another exam that is focused on one area of specialization. NATE certified technicians gain a more in-depth knowledge of their specialized area and will be able to provide homeowners with more professional results as well as exceptional service.

Technicians who wish to be NATE certified can choose between ten different areas of specialization. HVAC technicians can choose from hydronics gas, light commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, air distribution, hydronics oil, commercial refrigeration, heat pumps, oil heating, HVAC efficiency analyst and air distribution.

Why choose NATE Certified technicians?

Homeowners who choose NATE certified technicians will not only get an experienced HVAC technician, but they will also get a technician who has demonstrated their expertise in the HVAC field as well as one who has shown their commitment to enriching their education and experience. As a respected HVAC technician, NATE certified technicians offer the benefits of a technician with a higher level of education and professionalism. When you want a HVAC technician who can quickly and accurately diagnose problems or deliver fast, professional installation and repairs, choosing a NATE certified technician just makes sense.

Of course, in addition to being able to deliver the highest quality heating and cooling services, NATE certified technicians are also able to help solve indoor air quality problems as well as improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC equipment through regular equipment maintenance. If you want quality AC performance, schedule your air conditioning maintenance service today.