Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

There are many worries that come with owning a home. One thing that often goes without thought is the possibility of problems that arise after a power surge. This type of event can cause great damage to a home’s HVAC equipment. This is why it is essential to consider home power surge protection. The smartest way to keep a home safe is with a two-step process. Performing HVAC maintenance and arranging home power surge protection is the wisest way to protect your home utilities.

Exterior Surges

A power surge may occur through many outside activities. This can lead to costly damage of a home’s hard wired equipment. For instance, an external surge may result when a car hits a utility pole, or electric companies are performing work on the lines. In these instances, the home may suffer from extreme damage.

Interior Surges

Besides exterior forces, certain interior activities can lead to a power surge. For example, when an appliance is plugged into an outlet, it draws a large amount of power from the home’s supply. When the appliance is turned off, a strong surge is sent back through the lines. This takes a toll on the electrical components and leads to deterioration over time.

How to Protect Your Home Utilities

There are a few ways to keep your home utilities safe from harm. To begin, it is important to guard where the power enters the home. A single device may be used to lower the chances of being harmed by an external power surge. The next way to guard against a power surge is to use point of use protection. This is built into the home’s outlets. It protects delicate electronic devices or other appliances from being harmed from surges.

There is no way to assure that a home is fully protected from a power surge. However, it is possible to lower the likelihood of suffering the repercussions. To protect your home utilities, it is best to consult with an HVAC technician who has the knowledge and experience to develop a plan for your home. It will help save headaches and money on repairs.