HVAC systems are very helpful both in homes and any other building. This is because they help in regulating temperatures especially during the seasons that the temperatures are extreme. Since these systems are an integral part of every building it is important to understand them properly. Here are HVAC questions that hear most often.

How Can One Minimize The Power Usage Of A HVAC System?

The most ideal way of ensuring that this system consumes minimal power is switching it off when it is not in use. These include the times when there is no one at home or in the office. Most home owners usually forget to switch these systems off and therefore the system uses power even when there is no one using it. By switching the HVAC off when there is no one at home one is able to save a considerable quantity of power and this reduces the cost of power.

How Often Should an HVAC System be Maintained?

We recommend that you maintain your HVAC system as regularly as possible. This is to avoid the system breaking down when you need it the most. If the system breaks down when the temperatures are very low or very high it can be hard to stay in the home or building. This makes it paramount to keep it well maintained to avoid surprise break downs.

We love saving our customers money. This is why we recommend servicing your equipment during moderate seasons, when HVAC services are cheaper due to lower demand. Not only will the system be needed less during this time, but it is the best way to make sure that it is ready for the heavy use season ahead.

Can I Repair The System On My Own?

The short answer is, no. Certain components of the HVAC system are only allowed to be maintained by a certified expert, by law. For the rest of your system, we recommended to be serviced by a professional, because it’s extremely expensive and important. Even the most handy of homeowners may not recognize an issue properly. So why not place such an important home comfort system in the most capable hands possible. This not only gives your system the best chance for servicing it’s current issue, but it also limits the risk of potential issues going unnoticed. There are many steps to troubleshooting an entire HVAC system that could go unchecked by a homeowner, that a trusted HVAC tech would easily spot.

It is recommended that you, as the homeowner, perform routine inspections in order to identify an obvious and potentially major issues in your system. This could allow a technician to perform any necessary repairs as soon as possible as to avoid any major breakdowns in your system.

Are There Financing Options For HVAC Systems?

Yes, there are various financing options which help homeowners or landlords afford these systems. We recommend two institutions that work to provide quick and effective credit options for new HVAC systems – GE Capitol and Wells Fargo. We have financed hundreds of projects through these lenders and have vetted their reliability for HVAC projects. You may pursue a personal loan in order to afford a new HVAC system, however, working through Fire and Ice for your project will ensure you are getting the proper amount at a reasonable rate.

When Should I Replace My System?

This is one of the most dreaded HVAC questions that is on many Manassas homeowners minds but they never want to ask it. For your convenience, and to avoid a serious breakdown of your system, especially during an inopportune season, we will answer this dreaded question here.

If you have to continually call an HVAC tech to repair your system, you are likely better off financing a new system and gaining better energy efficiency and reliability. If your system is over 10 years old, it’s very limited in its remaining use and is likely less efficient than a newer system. Loud hissing, or rattling noises coming from your unit, or a major leak from your unit are major red flags. Certain repairs, even if it’s the first repair, are signs of a failing system that is limited in its ability to make your home comfortable long-term.