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3 Common Signs of Air Leaks in Your Ducts

3 Common Signs of Air Leaks in Your Ducts


With leaky air ducts, your home can lose 20 to 30 percent of your air conditioning—and that’s quite a lot. If you think your ductwork is leaking, there are at least three (or more) signs that you should watch out for. Check them out here!

Uneven Temperature

Is one room colder/hotter than the others? Does your indoor air feel stuffy? Beware—your ductwork might be spilling your air conditioning out of your system through a crack or hole. This is why you’re feeling less comfortable in some areas of the house.

Dust is Everywhere

Has dust been invading your home lately? If your ductwork has leaks or holes, don’t be surprised why you see dust in every corner of your home—no matter how often you clean. Every time you kick on your HVAC system, it will pull in greater amount of dust, leading to allergies and other related issues. Unless the leaks are addressed, you’ll face the same problem each day.

Skyrocketing Utility Bills

A spike in your utility bills is likely caused by an issue with your ductwork.  Leaks simply mean you’re losing cooled or heated air somewhere in the ductwork, thus requiring more energy for proper cooling or heating. Unless there’s a change in your local energy rate, your bills should not be higher than the average amount.

To locate the leaks in your duct system, here are a few steps to get started:

  • Check for Leaks

First things first: look for visible disconnections or leaks in between ducts. Mark the leaks as soon as you spot them.

  • Run Your System on Full Blast

With a greater amount of air flowing through your system, it’s a lot easier to find the leaks. For this purpose, be sure to turn your system on full blast.

  • Inspect the Duct Joints

You know there’s a leak when you feel the air coming out from the duct joints. Be sure to reconnect or tighten the joints to prevent air leaks.

While it isn’t always easy to determine whether or not your ductwork is leaking, these signs can surely help. Talk to our experts at Fire & Ice HVAC for all your ductwork needs. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection to address your needs.

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