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5 Big Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

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The cooler days of fall are in the forecast, and sooner or later we will turn to our heating system for comfort. However, when it stops working, we start to feel uneasy and defenseless against the threats of the cold weather.

Don’t wait for your unit to go rogue this heating season. Bring in the experts for a furnace tune-up and treat yourself with these five big benefits that it offers.

Detects Carbon Monoxide Leaks & Fire Hazards

A furnace that is not working properly may cause monoxide leaks and severe health problems or in worst cases, death. Having your furnace serviced helps detect any potential safety risks at an early stage, and fix the issues immediately. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing that your system is in good shape, keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

Maintains Warranty

Most manufacturers require annual furnace tune-up because they understand how extremely important to get it checked and maintained regularly. So, make sure you don’t miss an appointment or let your warranty becomes void.

Prevents Sudden Breakdowns

Reality check: all machines develop wear-and-tear over time—so as your furnace. A tune-up service ensures that your system will not fail you during the coldest days. It doesn’t just include cleaning, but a complete inspection of your unit, thus improving its performance and preventing frequent repairs or sudden breakdowns.

Reduces Energy Consumption

A dirty furnace consumes more energy to operate as it should. Your system will have a hard time to keep up with your heating requirements on the cooler months. As it works harder, its parts wear down even faster. Let your local techs serviced your system and expect your utility bills to drop drastically.

Extends Your System Lifespan

Regular maintenance helps extend your furnace’s lifespan. However, if you skip or stop your annual tune-up, your unit will lose its efficiency eventually and experience more mechanical problems. Unfortunately, it can also grow to major system issues.


Do not let your heating system fail you this fall. Talk to us today at Fire & Ice HVAC to schedule your furnace tune-up. Our expert team will ensure that you stay warm and cozy these cold winter months.


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