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5 Common Signs You Need AC Repair in Arlington, VA

5 Common Signs You Need AC Repair in Arlington, VA


When your A/C system desperately needs repair, it will automatically show indications. So keep your senses active as we discuss five (5) warning signs that your air conditioning system needs a few adjustments or repairs.

It’s Hot Indoors!

Your air conditioning system is designed to keep you cool, but if it does the opposite—something is wrong! When you’re feeling warm and less comfortable indoors, you know it’s time for an AC repair in Arlington, VA.

The Air Feels Suffocating

Stale and sticky air means your A/C isn’t working efficiently in providing the right level of comfort at home. With clogged filters, a broken motor, or any related issues, the air won’t be distributed evenly throughout the house—resulting in poor airflow. If your cooling system is giving you stagnant and suffocating air, it likely needs repair.

Your A/C Isn’t Responding to the Thermostat

Is your system not reacting to any changes you do on the thermostat? There might be a problem with your A/C or the thermostat itself. In this case, you need an expert technician to inspect the fans, ventilation, condenser, and the thermostat for potential issues.

Leaks are Pooling around Your A/C

Your air conditioner needs enough refrigerant to activate the cooling process while producing excess moisture as it runs. During its operation, you’ll notice condensation around the A/C and it should never leak—by any means. But if you noticed an active leak or pooled water surrounding your system, it’s a sign of existing problems on the A/C.

Bad Odors & Unusual Noise

It’s not normal for your air conditioning system to produce odd noise or emit a strange smell without a tangible reason. If you hear a loud and persistent sound or smell a bad odor coming from your system, report the problem to the experts straight away.

Any of these issues won’t go away by themselves. You need the help of your local HVAC contractor for the right solution. When you need reliable and on-time AC repair in Arlington, VA, feel free to contact us at Fire and Ice HVAC.

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