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5 Items to Check When Your Furnace Isn’t Working

5 Items to Check When Your Furnace Isn’t Working


When something at home is broken, you can’t help but frown and think of a solution—especially if it’s your heating system. If your furnace isn’t working, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely damaged. Some parts might only need a few repairs, adjustments, or replacement.

For a furnace that doesn’t turn on, here are a few things you need to check:


First things first: check your thermostat. Be sure it is set in the heating mode the automatic fan settings. Then, adjust the temperature two or more degrees higher than your current temperature inside your home. If this didn’t work, go straight to the batteries and change them if needed.

Gas Valve

When the gas valve is off, the gas won’t enter the furnace; therefore, it won’t work. Be sure to inspect this part and see if it’s turned on. You know it’s ON if the handle is parallel with the gas pipe. Never do it without assistance from professionals.

Pilot Light or Ignition

If there’s no change in the temperature after adjusting the thermostat, you might need to check the pilot light. A clicking sound on the furnace is a sign of a problem on the pilot light. The problem could be a dirty or faulty ignition that needs cleaning or repair. Turn to the experts to deal with this issue.


Dirty and clogged filters cause irregularities on your system’s airflow. With the dirt blocking the return airflow to the furnace, it means that your system has lesser air to blow out to the supply vents—leaving you chilly and cold.

Any issue with your air filter can cause your furnace to run inefficiently or shut down when it gets worse. By keeping up with filter cleaning and replacement, you allow your filters to breathe normally and your heating system to function as it should.

Air Ducts

Are there a few cold spots at home? Holes, cracks, and gaps in your air ducts allow the hot air to escape that’s why your furnace can’t keep up with your comfort requirements. Leaking ducts hamper your heating system from delivering warm air throughout the house—making you believe that your furnace isn’t working at all. Look for the leaks and seal them quick.

With regular maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and breakdowns on your heating system this cold season. Plus, you can ensure that your equipment will run safety and at topmost efficiency. 


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