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Having an A/C unit that doesn’t optimally function can be frustrating. But having an air conditioner that makes your home smell like a sweaty sock is more disastrous. Unfortunately, this happens more often than most people may have thought. This occurrence is more commonly known in the HVAC industry as the “Dirty Sock Syndrome.”

If your home has been smelling mold- or mildew-like because of your A/C unit, then call the experts. Our team at Fire & Ice HVAC has you covered. Call us today!  

Why Does My Home Smell Like Sweaty Socks?

The Dirty Sock Syndrome usually transpires when mildew and bacteria accumulate in the moist areas of your A/C unit— most specifically in the evaporator coils.

If kept neglected, not only will your home stink but will also cause health problems due to the spreading of mold throughout your place. Once noticed, we highly suggest reaching a professional A/C maintenance in Alexandria, VA, to sort the problem.

Keep reading to learn how to get rid of Dirty Sock Syndrome in your A/C unit.

Regularly Replace Your Air Filters

It is ideal for replacing your air filters monthly. Overlooking this task comes with many consequences, such as blocked airflow, expensive electricity bills, poor IAQ, and possible mold problems. Also, we suggest having a high-quality air filter as they are more efficient and effective.

When buying air filters, be mindful of the MERV ratings—the higher the number, the better the quality. Although you’ll still have to replace them routinely, they’ll do a greater job than those of low-quality filters.

Inspect Your Drip Pan

Your A/C unit functions by receiving warm air and turning it into cold air. This process is called condensation. In this process, moisture and humidity are separated from the air, leading to condensation dripping into a drip pan.

Keep in mind to check your drip pan and empty them routinely if needed. In addition, if you notice rust or mold in it, it is best to replace them altogether. Contact your local A/C maintenance technician in Alexandria, VA, to have an expert say.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

Your evaporator coils are one of the most intricate parts of your A/C unit. It needs constant checking and cleaning to keep everything working normally.

Steps to clean the evaporator coils:

  1. Turn off the A/C unit.
  2. Detach the front panel of the unit.
  3. Sprinkle compressed air over the coils.

Just a friendly reminder, make sure to aim the can towards the exterior of your unit or else, it will sweep the dust into your A/C. If you want a hassle-free procedure, you can always contact the professionals for the best A/C maintenance in Alexandria, VA, to do the job.

Schedule Routine A/C Maintenance Service

Last but not least is to schedule regular A/C maintenance service. Professionals at Fire & Ice HVAC Inc. will inspect your ductworks, vents, condenser unit, and clean the evaporator coils, to leave you hassle-free and comfortable throughout the year.

Call Fire & Ice HVAC Today!

No matter the issue with your A/C unit, we can assist you. Our team of A/C specialists will provide a complete inspection of your equipment, address potential issues, and ensure all of its parts are properly working.

We provide A/C maintenance in Alexandria, VA, and its surrounding areas. Call us at (703) 365-0505 or schedule an appointment online!


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