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These days, having a central air conditioning unit can feel like a godsend. The oppressive combination of heat and humidity is something you will never want to go back to once you’ve experienced an air conditioning unit at its peak performance. A faulty unit during the summer simply cannot be tolerated, and yet, so many units have been neglected for the past months.


While there are licensed technicians that can handle A/C repair in Manassas, VA, you could do first with a quick read of things that cause the most common air conditioner problems:

5 Most Common Causes for A/C Repair in Manassas, VA


Improper operation

You don’t need to blast cold air at the lowest level available. This can cause the unit to overwork and eat up more energy. To use the air conditioning unit efficiently, make sure to close all the windows and doors before turning on the AC. Keep the temperature stable, and use the fan setting to help with even distribution. You can also use the timers to program the unit to turn off by the time everyone has left the house.

Inadequate maintenance


There are parts of the air conditioning system that need routine maintenance to help it operate efficiently at all times. The filter, for example, could get clogged by too much dust and micro particles and result in low airflow, as well as frozen coils. Filters should be changed every 1-3 months depending on their reusability. 


Improper installation


The improper installation of an air conditioning unit can result in all sorts of common air conditioner problems: refrigerant leaks, not enough airflow, and a malfunctioning thermostat. Several things should be checked for installation performance in order to check for any impairments, and this should be done by qualified service technicians responsible for installing your AC.


Aging unit


A central air conditioning unit’s average lifespan is 15 to 20 years. If you find yourself experiencing all the faulty unit symptoms (fan problems, uneven cooling, short cycling, unusual sounds from inside the unit, poor air quality, etc.) too regularly, even with routine consultations with the technician, then your AC unit may be getting too old. The smartest option here is to replace it, as constantly having it repaired will put more strain on your expenses than a new properly functioning unit would.


Inadequate touch-ups/repairs 


Annual maintenance by a licensed technician is crucial for your central air conditioning unit’s efficiency. This is because technicians can immediately spot things that may cause problems in the future, as well as parts that may need actual repairing. Some parts need to be cleaned annually by the technicians as well. Having routine maintenance along with immediate repairs upon identifying a problem instead of waiting for it to get worse will undoubtedly save you from having to splurge on more costly repairs, or replacing the unit altogether.

Call Fire & Ice HVAC’s A/C repair in Manassas, VA For Quick and Immediate Service


Nobody knows what time AC units may break down, and nobody wants to suffer through an entire night of uncomfortable, sticky humidity. Lucky for you, Fire & Ice HVAC, Inc. accepts emergency calls no matter the hour, and its team comes with fully stocked service trucks to cater to A/C repair in Manassas, VA.


Call us at 703-457-8358 for urgent consultations, and rest assured we will have the solution to your needs.



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