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Do you have a room in your household that is always hotter than the rest? Uneven cooling is a common problem many homeowners encounter with their A/C units. These homeowners know all too well how annoying and uncomfortable this can be.

Let Fire & Ice HVAC help you solve this problem. We provide quality A/C repair in Alexandria, VA and the nearby areas.

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4 Most Common Reason of Uneven Cooling in Your Home

Uneven cooling is more than just trouble; it can also indicate that something’s wrong with your A/C unit. So, make sure to consult with an expert for the best A/C repair in Alexandria, VA. Keep reading to learn more about the reason for uneven cooling.

Insufficient Insulation

Uneven cooling could be a reason for a poorly insulated home. Your home needs to be insulated enough to keep cool air in and warm air out. If you have poor insulation, you’ll probably notice uneven cooling throughout your home.

Added insulation installed in your home will keep the cool air indoors. It is suggested reaching your local company for quality A/C repair in Alexandria, VA, to inspect your home properly.

Issues With Air Vents

Your A/C vents present a significant part in keeping your place comfortable. However, air vent blockage can result in your home experiencing uneven cooling. When this happens, the cool air coming out of your vents is restricted, leading to a less comfortable place.

With the help of a professional, they’ll be able to provide proper inspection of your A/C unit, which includes the ducts. In addition, these technicians will be able to identify if you’ll need to replace your vents or install additional ones. Hire only your trusted A/C repair technicians in Alexandria, VA, to properly assess your situation.

Clogged Air Ducts

Your air ducts serve as the pathway of conditioned. Over time, your ductwork will collect dust and debris that can lead to blockage. If the clogging became out of control, it could restrict the proper airflow, leading to less air going into your home.

A professional team can easily clean the ductwork to restore the usual flow of air. Keep in mind that the ducts are intricate and should only be handled by a professional A/C repair team in Alexandria, VA.

Number of Windows In Your Home

Your home’s windows can impact your indoor temperature. If you have several windows installed in your home, it will be harder for your A/C unit to keep you cool effectively.

In this case, it will help if you install a ductless A/C unit. It’s a great addition to your home’s cooling system. A ductless A/C unit can cool your home effectively as the traditional central A/C. Call your local A/C contractor to learn more.

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At Fire & Ice HVAC Inc., we offer quality and dependable A/C repair services in Alexandria, VA, and its surrounding areas. If you’re tired of uneven cooling in your home, our professional air conditioning services can help.

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