Best Ways to Keep Your Energy Bills Low This Fall

Best Ways to Keep Your Energy Bills Low This Fall

Statistics shows that the average U.S. household pays approximately $990 every winter solely for heating bills—and this is impractical! Some homeowners are spending money for nothing because they don’t know the secrets of reducing their energy bills. But no worries—help is at hand!

Here are convenient tips on how to start saving energy and money this fall.

Carry Out Inspections

There’s no better time to have your heating system examined than fall. Call the pros to inspect your unit and perform maintenance and repairs if necessary. Any mechanical problems with your system make it harder to do its job, increasing its operating hours. The earlier the issues are identified, the earlier they can be treated.

Seal and Insulate!

Without proper insulation, heat could leak out of your home through cracks, gaps, and holes. Do some detective jobs and investigate your existing insulation for possible defects. Also, check your doors, windows, and other airways for damaged or cracked caulks and weather-stripping. Seal cracks immediately for extra protection against the cold.

Lower Your Thermostat

Did you know that your thermostat can help reduce your bills? How? Simply set it to a lower temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit or below) for greater savings. It would be best to use a programmable thermostat to manage the temperature easily.

Take Advantage of Window Treatments

Make the most out of the daylight and the warmth it gives. Open your windows and drapes to let the sunshine in. With this, you can minimize the use of your heating system in the daytime and later in the afternoon.

Perform an Energy Audit

A comprehensive energy analysis can help you identify specific factors that affect your energy consumption. It tells exactly how much energy is wasted in your home and how to address the problem.

Don’t Neglect Maintenance

A well-maintained heating system is a well-functioning system. Routine maintenance keeps your system in good shape and prevents possibilities of repairs and early breakdown. HVAC maintenance tasks also include inspection of parts, alerting you of existing issues that must be resolved right away.

Try these proven tips, and you won’t have to see your hard-earned money going to your energy bills.

For more energy-saving tips for your home or commercial space, keep in touch with us at Fire & Ice HVAC, Inc. Visit our blog page, or contact us for your comfort needs in the Northern Virginia area.

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