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Don’t Make These Holiday HVAC Decorating Mistakes

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Christmas is just around the corner, and perhaps you’re planning to unpack the ribbons, lights, trees, and garlands to decorate your home with festive cheer. But wait, stop right there! Slow down because these joyous decorations can jeopardize your home comfort and your monthly bill.

Here are common holiday HVAC decorating mistakes you should stop doing now:

Hiding Your Thermostat

We can’t blame you if you want to cover your home with cheerful decorations, but what we always try to advice is to keep them away from your thermostat. Covering your thermostat with anything won’t allow the device to read your indoor temperature accurately which can result in discomfort and high utility bills. Let your thermostat shine together with your holiday backdrops to achieve a comfortable home and lower energy bill.

Blocking Your Vent

When decorating your home, you might have to move the furniture around to give space for the tree, presents, and other Christmas ornaments. However, placing the furniture in front or near your vent can put extra pressure on your blower and even restrict your unit from distributing an equal amount of heated air throughout your home. Take time to check your vent and clear the area for better airflow.

Placing Flammable Decorations Near the Unit

The Christmas trees, gift packages, and other decorations made from light materials can be easily caught by fire. Placing them near the radiator, heater, electric blanket, and heating systems can cause fire or electrical hazards. Be sure to keep them away from any heat-emitting appliances to keep the fun going this holiday.

Decorating the Area Close to the Outdoor Unit

Surely, you want to extend the holiday spirit outdoors by placing some Christmas trees, snowman, and decorative lights around your home. While those decorations create a festive atmosphere in the neighborhood, placing them near your outdoor unit can compromise the comfort inside your home. Tiny decorations can get inside the unit and tangle in its major components, affecting the system’s performance and efficiency. Maintain at least three feet clearance around your unit to let it work properly.

Decorating your home is indeed one of the most exciting parts of welcoming the holidays. Just be mindful of how you handle them to prevent any risk of fire.

Should you need more holiday HVAC tips or quality services, contact us at Fire & Ice HVAC. Have a happy holiday!

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