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Guidelines for Using A/C During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Guidelines for Using A/C During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Amid the Coronavirus outbreak comes some health concerns regarding the use of air conditioning systems in homes and businesses in Arlington, VA and even worldwide. With several reports claiming that using A/C can quickly increase the spread of the virus, it’s important to know how you should use your system efficiently.

Here are essential guidelines you should follow to limit the risk of virus transmission within your home.

Maintain Your Home’s Ideal Temperature

According to the experts, your air conditioner should operate around 75 to 86 degrees at home. Meanwhile, you should maintain humidity levels between 40 and 70% in rooms that are well ventilated. Too much humidity can cause dust mites and fungi to build up, thus adding to the risk of COVID-19.

Improve Your Ventilation

When it comes to indoor air quality, it’s essential to ventilate your indoor environment with outdoor air as much as possible. You can achieve this by keeping your windows slightly open to let the air in and stale air out.

If you have an exhaust fan near the windows, you can switch it on for better ventilation. You may also opt for mechanical ventilation systems for better results. Make sure to keep your rooms ventilated when your A/C isn’t running to avoid an imbalance in the humidity level.

Keep Your Central A/C’s Air Filters Clean

Especially in airtight residential and commercial buildings, the chance that the virus can spread quickly is quite high. If one person contacts the virus, the rest of the people inside the building can become prone to it. This is why it’s strongly advised to clean or replace the air filters as often as possible.

Invest in Evaporative Coolers 

Desert coolers or evaporative coolers can help your A/C in combating the summer heat while keeping good ventilation in your home. These coolers draw air from the outside to ensure that your indoor humidity is at the right level. Make sure the windows are open while your evaporative cooler is at work.

In these trying times, we should be conscious of our health, comfort, and indoor air quality more than ever. Keep these guidelines in mind while using your A/C in Arlington, VA. Our experts at Fire & Ice HVAC will keep you updated of the latest happenings in the industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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