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The old furnace in your home is probably one of the biggest energy users. It may be using as much as 60% of your household’s total energy usage.

However, replacing an outdated heating system with a new model could save you money on monthly utility bills and help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

So, be sure to reach Fire & Ice HVAC for fast and reliable heating replacement services. We offer premium heater installation in Woodbridge, VA. Call us today!


5 Reasons Why Heating Replacement Saves You Money

There are many reasons to replace your heating system. But, did you know that it can also save you money?

If you’re considering a new furnace or boiler installation, here are five important benefits you should know:

1. New heating replacement saves on fuel costs.

By replacing your dying furnace or boiler with an energy-efficient system, you can cut your utility bills significantly while still enjoying all of the comforts of quality heating.

The savings will also add up over time. Many homeowners who replace their old Heating equipment end up saving several hundred dollars per year in utilities, which adds up to thousands upon thousands over years’ worth of use.

2. New heating replacement saves on repairs.

An old furnace or boiler can cost hundreds to maintain each year in parts and labor alone—and if you’ve ever had to replace an HVAC part out-of-pocket, you know how expensive these charges add up over time!

New heaters are also covered under warranty for years after installation, protecting you against unexpected breakdowns which would otherwise be costly to fix.

3. New heating replacement provides advanced automation.

The latest heating systems are loaded with state-of-the-art technology that provides homeowners more control than ever before.

This can help you save energy and money and create a safer environment for your family by enhancing security features that monitor the home’s temperature automatically and alert authorities should anything go awry inside or outside of your property lines.

4. You get the perfect type of heating system for your space.

As with any significant purchase, homeowners want to feel confident that their new HVAC system will do what they need it to without over-or underperforming—and this is where a reputable pro can help!

With Fire & Ice HVAC, you’re getting access not only to decades of experience but also years’ worth of knowledge about which types are best suited for every space in a variety of climates. This way, you’ll be able to avoid improper heating methods, hence saving on energy costs.

5. You’ll enjoy tax rebates and incentives!

There are plenty of available tax incentives and rebates just for homeowners who invest in a new heating replacement. A new heating system can ultimately pay for itself with tax breaks and savings—and in many other cases, you’ll still see significant reductions on your annual bills.

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