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The existence of an unpleasant smell inside your home or office/business space is not the only indication of indoor air pollution. Sometimes, particulates that are detrimental to your health stay unknown to the olfactory senses. That is why it is essential to get your indoor air tested by professionals.

If you are looking for experts to conduct indoor air quality tests in Manassas, VA, rest assured that you can trust our team at Fire & Ice HVAC. Our technicians are factory-trained and NATE-certified. 

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Tests in Manassas, VA

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing and improvement services are designed to help you determine and eliminate any pollutants circulating in your indoor air so you can breathe clean and fresh air.

While the current air pollution level in Manassas remains moderate, it does not mean you should skip getting your indoor air tested. There are various reasons as to why you should give significance to IAQ tests and products. Below are some of them.

Pollutants Are Higher Indoors

There are many sources of pollution indoors – fuel-burning combustion appliances, cleaning and personal care products, tobacco products, and excess moisture, to mention some. Also, outdoor air pollution, radon, and pesticides can infiltrate the indoor air. In fact, according to the EPA, indoor air pollution is 2-5 times higher than outdoors. If this reason alone isn’t enough to get IAQ tests and products, then read on.

You Spend More Time Indoors

Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, which means we’re more likely to be exposed to the pollutants mentioned above. Just imagine inhaling all those harmful chemicals and air particles. It sure is appalling.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Poses Health Risks

Most indoor air pollutants such as asbestos, tobacco smoke, and radon pose health risks. Some health effects may be noticeable after short exposure to poor indoor air, while other effects may only come to light after years of exposure to pollutants. Immediate effects can include eye irritation, dizziness, headache, and fatigue. Long-term effects may include respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and even cancer. You don’t want to risk your family or team’s health, don’t you?

Low Productivity

Poor air quality can affect your team’s productivity. Who can concentrate on the tasks at hand when the work space smells terrible? So getting indoor air quality service in Manassas, VA will not only help you keep your office air clean, but will also indirectly affect your team’s performance for the better. It is an investment worth your time and money.

Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh & Clean—Call Our Experts Today!

Don’t underestimate the effects of poor indoor air quality. Get your space tested by Fire & Ice HVAC Inc. experts for pollutants and contaminants.

Our team is committed to helping homeowners and business owners keep their indoor air fresh and clean. We offer a full range of indoor air quality services in Manassas, VA. Our reliable and expert technicians test our client’s space for any harmful contaminants and take comprehensive steps based on the generated findings. Our team has experience fixing problems like moisture, humidity, contaminants, and harmful gasses inside a residential and commercial space. 

In addition, we provide IAQ products such as air scrubbers, carbon monoxide alarms, air filters, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and UV lamps to help you keep your indoor air fresh.

Feel free to call us at (703) 365-0505 if you have any IAQ questions or ready to schedule an appointment. 


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