Making New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t Forget These 5 HVAC Tips!

Making New Year's Resolutions? Don’t Forget These 5 HVAC Tips!


It’s 2020! Certainly, you’ve made a long list of your New Year’s resolutions—like you always do every year. Hopefully, you didn’t forget to include your HVAC system on that list.

Bring back the favor to your comfort system and enjoy better comfort throughout the year by making these five (5) HVAC resolutions.

Get New Air Filters

Replacing your filters might look like a simple task, but it can greatly impact how your comfort system works. If your existing filters have served you for months, it’s just right to get new filters to help your HVAC equipment operate better. Change air filters as often as needed to guarantee clean and breathable air indoors.

Use Your Thermostat Wisely!

Thermostats are amazing products of technology that allow you to take control of your indoor temperature with the convenience of your mobile phone or any device. When used properly, you can get the most of what it offers—the perfect temperature for everyone at home.

Consider a thermostat upgrade if necessary. A smart thermostat makes it more convenient for you to control and monitor the temperature on your schedule. Choose from any of our smart thermostats on our product page!

Address Dirty & Leaky Ducts

Clean and healthy air should be one of your priorities every single day. Getting your ducts sealed and cleaned is a great way to improve the quality of your indoor air while giving you higher savings on energy bills in the long run. Schedule a duct inspection with us to address any visible problem on the ducts.

Attend to Problems Immediately

Your HVAC system is like the human body—it deteriorates as it gets older. Old age is accompanied by system problems that should be addressed quickly. The more you ignore the issue, the worse it gets. As soon as you noticed a problem, no matter how small, don’t let it slip away. Prompt service can make a big difference in the life and performance of your comfort system.

Invest in a Professional HVAC Maintenance Plan

Working with professionals ensures you with peace of mind and guaranteed comfort. So when it comes to HVAC maintenance, trust no other than the experts! At Fire & Ice HVAC, we provide first-class maintenance programs that you can count on. Our comprehensive maintenance coverage offers customized solutions that meet your needs and budget. Learn more about our maintenance plans here.

Aside from your financial and health-related goals, make sure to include this HVAC to-do list on your year 2020 resolutions. For your comfort issues and concerns in Pipe Lane Manassas, VA, and nearby areas, feel free to contact our HVAC specialists at Fire & Ice, HVAC.

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