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Alexandria’s HVAC Specialist Shares 6 Signs It’s Time For a New Heating System

6 Signs It’s Time For a New Heating System

Heating your home can become the most expensive part of paying your electric bill. That’s why it’s important to have an efficient yet effective heating system. With that, here are six signs that you should call in a professional to replace your unit:

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High Electricity Bills

The most obvious sign that you need a new heating system is an extremely high electric bill. If you’re wondering why your bill is so high this month, this indicates that you have a dirty filter, faulty ducts, an aging system, and more.

Any of these problems can cause a spike in your electric bill. Consider a new heating unit if you have noticed a distinct increase in the past few months without any changes despite the fixes done by a pro.

Your Furnace’s Age

The older your furnace, the more issues you’re likely to run into. Many furnaces are expected to last a considerable amount of years before needing a replacement.

By this point, it will probably be costing you quite a bit of money to maintain the unit. On top of that, it’ll be less efficient and therefore won’t keep you as warm.

Unusual Smell or Noise

If your furnace makes strange noises every time it kicks on, or there’s a rattling around inside, this may mean that you need to clean out the dust and debris from the unit.

And if you notice a strange odor coming from your furnace, it’s likely because an important part of the unit has failed. Best to contact your trusted residential HVAC contractor in Alexandria, VA, to help you decide what’s best.

Trouble Getting Warm

If your furnace can’t heat the house quite like it used to, this can also mean that you need a new unit. If you’ve found yourself turning up the thermostat more frequently in an attempt to stay warm, then this may be the hint that you need.

Dirty Filters

If the filters in your furnace are dirty all the time, it’s probably an indication that something is wrong with how thoroughly the unit is extracting air during operation. This can lead to a shorter lifespan of important parts of your furnace as well as less efficient heating.

Frequent Breakdowns

If you have to call a repairer out every other month, you may need a new furnace sooner rather than later. This will increase your maintenance costs and decrease comfort levels at home.

If this is the current state of your heating system, it’s time for a replacement.

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Call Our Team Today! We Provide Residential Heating Installation in Alexandria, VA

While it’s always a good idea to take preventive measures to keep things running smoothly, certain signs will indicate that you need a new furnace sooner rather than later.

At Fire & Ice HVAC, we ensure that your heating comfort will both be effective and efficient. We’ll assess your home and make sure that your system is compatible with your property. We also provide 24-hour heating repair in Alexandria, VA. You can contact us at 703) 365-0505.


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