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Manassas, VA’s Premier HVAC Company Shares Top 7 Home Heating Mistakes

Premier HVAC Company Manassas, VA

7 Home Heating Mistakes That Spike Your Bills

Maintaining your desired home temperature during the cold season can be challenging, especially if you want to save on energy bills. But, are you heating your home correctly? If you’ve done all the rituals but still failed to achieve your energy-saving goals, then you might be doing it wrong.


Watch out for these home heating mistakes that cause an unusual increase in your utility bills.

Forgetting to Lock Your Windows

Of course, you keep them closed in the winter, but be sure to lock them. Sealing the windows is the best way to prevent cold air from entering its nooks and crannies.

So even if you leave your furnace on for 24 hours, it won’t heat your home effectively with the windows not locked or tightly sealed.

Setting the Thermostat Too High 

Don’t go beyond the recommended thermostat setting for the winter because you want to heat your home faster. Cranking up your thermostat does not affect how fast your space will reach its preferred indoor temperature. Your furnace Manassas, VA will only end up working longer, thus resulting in higher heating bills.

You may opt for a smart or programmable thermostat for maximized comfort while going easy on your energy usage.

Ignoring Poor Insulation 

Leaks and drafts are some of the main culprits of energy loss in residential and commercial spaces. Warm air can escape through the ducts, floor, walls, and roof because of poor insulation. Reinforcing your home insulation ensures that the money you’re paying for your bills goes to your comfort.

Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

Honestly, it doesn’t make sense to shut off the vents in empty rooms to save energy. Doing this will interrupt your system’s balance to provide adequate heating throughout the house. Plus, it won’t work efficiently with some vents closed.

Not Replacing the Air Filters 

With dirty filters, your furnace will have to work harder and longer to meet your comfort needs. Make sure to replace your filters regularly or as indicated in the user’s manual. With new and clean filters, your system will run more efficiently and economically.

Leaving Exhaust Fans On

Exhaust fans remove moisture or foul odors from your home. But, you don’t want the warm air to escape outside by leaving them on after taking a hot shower. Be sure to turn them off as soon as you’ve finished using them.


Neglecting Furnace Maintenance 

Your furnace works better when maintained—and it’s true to all HVAC equipment. Routine maintenance ensures your system performs at its best when you need it most. Be sure to schedule the service with your trusted furnace maintenance or heating repair in Manassas, VA

Stay warm in the winter without going broke! At Fire & Ice HVAC, we aim to help you cut down your heating costs while keeping you comfortable in your home or business space. Feel free to contact us online for all your HVAC Service Manassas, VA needs today!

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