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What Should You Do When You Need Heating Repair on Christmas?

What Should You Do When You Need Heating Repair on Christmas?


We bet—you don’t want to get up on Christmas to find out that your heating system has stopped working. But if you find yourself in that situation this holiday season in Pipe Lane Manassas, VA, here are things to do when your furnace unexpectedly breaks down on Christmas Eve.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Once you discovered that your heating system needs repair, don’t rush on calling for service right away. First, check if your furnace is getting enough power from the circuit breaker. If there’s no air coming out of the vents, it means your system isn’t getting power at all. Find time to inspect the main electrical panel and try to flip the switch that controls your furnace on and off.

Examine Your Air Filters

Dirty and clogged air filters can cause your heating system to shut off at the most unpredictable time. Furnace failure is likely the most expensive outcome of not changing your filters regularly. Excessive dirt on the filters may overwork the blower and lead to a system breakdown—especially this holiday season. Do not hesitate to invest in new filters if that’s what your furnace needs.

Call on Professionals!

Without a warm furnace, your Christmas won’t be merry! So when you realized your furnace isn’t working after checking the circuit breaker and the filters, the next thing to do is to call for repair service. Let the experts inspect and find out what is wrong with your system.

Get Your Fireplace and Coats Ready!

Whether you’re using an electrical type, gas, or a wood fireplace, make sure it’s always on the go this winter season. In case your heating system needs repair this Christmas, your fireplace can keep you and your family warm and cozy during the occasion. Also, don’t forget to put your coats on! Because you don’t know when your furnace might malfunction, it’s important to have these things ready.

You won’t have much of a Christmas with a cold furnace! So be sure your heating system is all set for the holidays. When you need your heating system repaired, you can trust Fire & Ice HVAC to respond to your heating needs. Contact our local service team in Pipe Lane Manassas, VA, for fast and reliable furnace repair service.

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